Sunday, March 14, 2010

How can I explain how much I hate spring ahead

When you have to get out of bed at 4 am, losing an hour anywhere just hurts.
I really, really, really hate spring ahead and find myself staggering around confused for at least a week after. There, it's out of my system.....
on to knitting.

There's been a little knitting ADD around here. Kernel is progressing nicely, but not worth taking a pic. It's just longer than last time.
I've taken a little break to do this test knit for someone from ravelry. I don't know if it's a secret or not, so here's a little piece of it, just because I'm loving the colors. The yarn is knitter's brewing co., "sex on the beach", won in a contest from KBC. This has been a fun, quick little knit, and once public, would probably make a great little gift for someone.

I'm not sure what this week will bring. I'm working a couple of extra days for folks that are out of town, and the weather is supposed to be OK, so, off to the yard. I'm definitely making progress out there. I'm hoping to get all the way through all the weeding before I need to start again. Right now there's not much to see, but a bit later, I'll post yard pics.
Happy spring ahead everyone.
Does extra coffee help??????


KnitNana said...

Extra coffee as long as it's before noon - otherwise? the caffeine keeps me up at night.
You are NOT alone. I do not like this Daylight Savings Time stuff...

Take a nap, if you can!!

Daisymum said...

I can appreciate your post. For 3 years I had to be at work at 3 or 2 in the A.M. Spring forward is horrible. Especially when you have to be at work that morning at 2 or do you get there at 1 or is it really 2. I never got it right. I got there an hour to early the first year. I really cursed spring forward that year.

Bea said...

Sorry spring ahead is so difficult for you. I usually decided that my lost hour is in the time that I'm awake and go to bed an hour earlier. That way I can still get up at 4 something and not feel like I've lost much.