Sunday, December 13, 2009

the doggies were nestled all snug in their beds.....

And it started SNOWING!
Remember what happened last year when it snowed here?
Two weeks of forced house arrest. (at least I got lots of knitting and cleaning done)
Not supposed to happen this time, but.......

This week brought some nice treats.

From L to R
Man-sock for a christmas present - pattern diamonds in his shoes - yarn- top dog from creatively dyed, purchased at sock summit for this purpose. You'll notice there's only one, though, and today is the 14th.
In the center bottom, my final free book. I used up ALL of my points. Every stinking one.
And SPEAKING OF POINTS... see that little square thing above the book, that's my christmas present. It's an IPOD 64g touch, purchased with amex points. See, those reward programs really can work. and, yes, it already has a knitting app in it.
If anyone knows of any cool apps, let me know. I don't mind paying either, if it's worth it. (ORBA - addictive little game)
Last but not least, from the Knitter's Brewing CO, the yarn for the january mystery sock KAL. This is going to be a fun little project. The yarn kit also came with a cute little stitch marker, very nice handwritten card, and the first clue, which I need to get started on, as soon as I put down the ipod. I would definitely buy from these folks again. Great service and very personable.

The botanica medallion is also done, here modeled my our fashion plate, cinnamon brown. Honestly, it fits her much better than it does me after all that work. It came out more like a vest than anything else. Just wasn't made for us gals with "wide shoulders" as my mom used to say.


KnitNana said...

Cinnamon Brown you look Mah-ve-lous, dear!!
Wonderful gifties!!!

Bea said...

Cinnamon does not looked comfortably snuggled...She looks nice in the medalion though.

Hopefully the snowing isn't going to be so bad.