Sunday, July 12, 2009

one sock, two sock, here's a blue sock

Queen of beads from the blue moon sock club.
A couple of hours of ticket selling at the farmer's market helped with the progress. It's being shown here by Cinnamon Brown, also know as sister. Notice the "flags back" position of the ears. We're having a pretty big thunderstorm here today. We don't have them very often in these parts, and the doggies are not at all happy about it.

"Hey Teach" is also done. It came out a bit short, even though I added extra to the bottom. I don't know what I'm going to do. I tried to add to the bottom of it, but it just didn't come out right. I think I'll try blocking it a bit more and see what happens. I wanted to take it to sock summit for the air conditioning, we'll see.

Next up will be the fraggle socks from the sock club. Gotta get caught up before that next kit shows up. (probably this week)

I've been spending time studying too. I'll be glad when all that is behind me. It's been a long 2 years +. I love pilates, teaching pilates, and especially my clients, but the whole test thing stresses me out. It will be all done exactly two weeks from today, and then the focus becomes SOCK SUMMIT!!!!!

I've already pre-ordered one cool colorway called "bobby socks", and a toe up book that will come signed. I'm so looking forward to letting my hair down, not have to worry about studying (pilates at least), and having a great time with a convention center full of knitters. What more could you want??

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Bea said...

Poor puppies. Mine jump with thunder but they love watching out the big windows in the living room too. So I don't know that they are particularly scared. Hey teach is pretty. Sorry that it is short. Could you snip in the stocking stitch section, knit in a few more rows, and then kitchener it all together?