Saturday, May 12, 2012

how to find your knitting mojo

1. root around in stash until you find something that makes you happy 2. prowl around on ravelry until you find a pattern that makes you happy 3. put the two together and knit. (repeat as necessary) The yarn is unknown, the pattern is the latest by Mary Scott Huff - dogwood. The first one is almost done, and it's pretty durned cool, although very thick. More winter than summer, I think.
I'm also participating again in camp loopy. I did this last summer and had a ball. Three projects in 3 months, and if you finish them all with yarn from the loopy ewe, you get a special skein at the end. The first challenge is to knit a pattern from a designer that is not from your home country. I've chosen the semele shawl by asa tricosa, to be done in this gorgeous schaeffer anne.
Here's a couple of bonus photos, because the make me happy too...... My 6 yr old tree peony, blooming in our 80 degree weather today.
And.....our dragonfly tiles for the fireplace. Won't they look good on the master builder home tour?

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