Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cinnamon Brown is 3!

This week is Cinnamon Brown's birthday. She was born 3 years ago, the day after thanksgiving. I still remember the day we first saw her, a tiny little puppy in a cold garage in the middle of January. We picked her over her sister because she seemed the friendliest. When we took her to the vet on monday morning, we were told that she was completely unsocialized, and would probably be a nervous biter. The vet said we should have never bought her. We were devastated.
Well......I'm happy to report that after a couple of obedience classes (HAH!), some fun days at doggie day care, and lots of lovin' from various pilates classes, she's pretty much perfect in our eyes. In everyone's life, there's one animal that becomes your "heart" animal. She's mine.
Happy birthday sister!

Here she is, a girl and her farty marmot! She loves it.
On the knitting front, the christmas knitting continues. Nothing much new.
Next week, all kinds of surprises in the works, stay tuned!


Bea said...

OH goshes Cinnamaons!!! Happy Birday!!! You is olders then mes, but youner then Abbys!! (HEYS! I not old!!! Loves to Cinamons from Abbys.) We sends you slobbers and butt wiggles from Texas. We snuggle you too cause be coldish here and mom say probly colders there. Loves and smoochesy your Gussy.

KnitNana said...

Happy Birthday, Cinnamon Brown!