Tuesday, September 16, 2008

some pre-holiday and gift knitting and a gratuitous doggie pic

Kind of lost my knitting motivation there for a while.
The two baby blankies are for friends grandbabies, and the scarf for a special friend in Ohio.
Yes, I know, the blankies are (gasp!) acrylic. But I think it washes good and makes a good inexpensive gift that will last.

Pilates exam and gram took all of my energy, and they both happened at the same time.

Now I'm ready to pick up the serious knitting again and get back to studying for the big final exam.

I got my first certificate in the mail yesterday. That's kind of my motivation. That, and the fact that I'm going to another training in october, and I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The plan is to be finished with training and certified before the house gets too hot and heavy.
In knitting news, I'm expecting the next shipment of STR sock club, and a fun package soon from knitpicks so I can start that cool debbie bliss sweater with the cables down the backside.
Hopefully it won't make my butt look big.
I'm also excited to go to a "high tea" and grand opening of A GOOD YARN, the new store by debbie macomber. I'll have to take the camera.


Bea said...

I love the doggy shot. So cute.

Is Debbie Maccomber the romance novelist that you can knit along with?

Bea said...

I just announced a winner for my comments contest! Guess who it is!!?!?