Monday, January 21, 2008

One down, two to go

Back from mat training, none the worse for the wear. This weekend was mostly lecture and basics. Next time all postural analysis. The last weekend is the killer, all intermediate. YIKES!

While hanging out in the hotel in Portland, I cast on and worked some monkeys all the way to the heel. I'm putting these aside now, they're going to be my traveling socks while I'm doing training. Socks make a great traveling project because they're small and they pack easily.

Today, I'll probably work on the dog paw shawl some, and maybe my yoga hoodie, which is knit all the way to the design now. I'm really hoping it fits, as it seems a bit small. Just can't seem to win with that size thing........

I also discovered a couple of places to explore next time I'm in portland. Powell's books and a seemingly fascinating yarn store called knit/purl.
More to come on that.

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Ronni said...

Dog Paw Shawl? (ears perk up) See this is why I never have enough knitting time - I keep hearing about new things I want to knit. Thanks for stopping by the other day. I can't even manage an elliptical while not doing anything else so I'm hugely impressed by your friend figuring it out.